Who won Xero's Partner of the Year? We did.

Guy Pearson Monday, August 01, 2011

Xero held their Australian Annual Conference over this past weekend to celebrate the 2011 year, showcasing the new features being released, the roadmap (plans for future releases) & present awards to it's Australian Bookkeeping and Accounting partners.

New Features

The features that are coming out are going to include:

  • Over/Under Payments
  • Receipting
  • Better Report Formatting
  • Links to an online tax package
  • Launch of their new Mobile App (now in the apple store)
  • Payroll & HR moving within the core package
  • Xero Personal gaining bankfeeds
  • And many more...

The Awards

Given our competition in the Xero ecosystem, we were absolutely thrilled just to gain a mention as a nominee in one category. We ended up with nominations in 3 out of the 5 awards:

  • Best Website (important for an online business)
  • Fastest Growing Partner (Great for a startup business)
  • Partner of the Year (Accolade for the partner that "ticks all the boxes")

Unfortunately we didn't take out the website award, but, big congratulations to e360 (our web guys) that had 4 out of 6 nominations in the 6 websites listed and took out the award! Fastest growing partner went to a fantastic rural firm bringing online accounting to areas that need real time data and previously haven't had access to it!

However, we received the accolade of 2011 Xero Partner of the Year! Which, was completely unexpected (Guy had his heart set on the website award), so, up to the podium, no fore warning to make a brief speech. Shocked, Guy, was stuck for words. So, this is what he should have said:

GUY'S ACCEPTANCE SPEECH... in digital form

"A huge thank you to our clients, first and foremost, you are what has got me out of bed since I've started in this industry. Without you, Interactive Accounting wouldn't exist.

Secondly, to my mother, Sharon, you're a ROCKSTAR in my eyes, thank you for believing in me!

Thirdly, to the Interactive crew, you're only ever as good as the team around you, this award is for your hard work. Special mention to Lisa Callaghan, You are my little rock, thanks for keeping me in line and getting it done, so we can develop and grow as a firm.

Fourthly, to the Xero Partners, we are not changing how the game is played, we are, CHANGING THE GAME ITSELF. It's been great to have your competitors back you up and act as a community, it facilitates growth and change as we all move to achieve best practice.

Lastly, but, not least, a huge thank you to Xero. It's not just a platform for accounting, it's a platform for change to business and investment as we know it. It allows us to be Interactive with our clients and provide value. Thank you for making online accounting possible, I look forward to the future and together we can shake the foundations!

Interactive Accounting has only just begun, to add a little bit of mystery, watch closely, we have a long way to go, but, we are getting ready for lift off......"

The future of online accounting/business

It was a great day/night/weekend, there is not a lot of backslapping in this new movement of online accounting, it's 100% focus on the end benefits for clients, changing a time/cost approach to value for clients and actually providing value. As people are accepting the cloud and online accounting more and more, we are looking to define best practice. The weekend was a turning point, proof of concept and passion for a future.

With Xero's aim to be a multi national, multi billion dollar company, it is on track to revolutionise small/medium business globally. So, give your feedback, as it's the only way we all learn, develop and progress.


The most exciting part of the evening was seeing Xero's newly acquired Australian Managing Director, Chris Ridd, rocking out at the front of a live band during the gala dinner and awards ceremony! Great version of Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin'.

Off to work on our roadmap. Have you got yours laid out?


2012 - With our head in the clouds and our feet on the ground, we will, shake the foundations of the industry. Like GIANTS!

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