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Guy Pearson Thursday, October 27, 2011

Taking it to new heights with EM3. 

In case you missed our event last week, we had the honour of having some informative guest speakers; Zendesk, Uber, Gryphon Capital, SpreadCode, Atlassian, Recruitloop, Ninefold, Paycyle/Xero. We learned about innovative ways to measure your success online and to focus on the right metrics for your business, not, just the number of hits it may get.... and the importance of defining and tracking these within your business.

Congratulations goes to.....

JR from Atlassian for winning the best presentation award for EM3. Your wine is on it's way! 

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Our summary just won't do the presenters justice

Michael Folmer-Hansen, Zendesk

Zendesk provides help desk platform that is aimed at improving your customers experience and support level. Growing to 10,000 customers in a short space of time, they have arguably one of the best websites I’ve seen and incredible conversion rates. Michael spoke about product placement, standing out in the crowd and "keeping it military".

Allan Jansen, Uber

UberConsult Solutions started as a web development “shop” and has experienced rapid growth in the past 6 years resulting in joining the Fast 100 BRW ranks amongst other accolades. Uber is the Enterprise Agency and has successfully delivered major projects for clients including Canon, Australian Pharmaceutical Industries and DP World.

Peter Bush, Gryphon Capital

Peter brings to the table experience from tax, commerce and now a private bank/fund/venture capital firm. Peter's focus was on explaining what a potential investor looks at and the importance of understanding metrics in driving your business and looking to impress your current or potential investors.

Maxim Cherepovitsyn, SpreadCode

Max was one of our startup presenters. Spreadcode specialises in planning, plotting and building iPhone/iPad & Android Apps.

John Rotenstein, Atlassian

J R is a metrics whiz from the Australia startup, turned powerhouse, Atlassian. Having seen their office and dashboards first hand, they measure EVERYTHING and share the information openly in house... it’s no surprise they have some amazing results and a great success story to tell.

Michael Overell, Recruitloop

Michael is proof that innovation can exist and break out whilst working for a large corporation. An ex accountant and management consultant, he has co-founded a start up that does recruitment with a twist, in a service that Interactive Accounting will be using moving forward.

Dennis Graham, Ninefold

Dennis focused on the AIDA model, Awareness, Interest, Desire & Action. AIDA looks at the conversion funnel of interest to sale and what triggers there are in “web speak” to discover where you are able to tweak your message, content, ads to ensure that you land the business you seek.

Stuart McLeod, Paycycle/Xero

Brave enough to present without a slide deck, Stuart associated business metrics to real life desires, goals and aspirations. Paycycle was a lean Startup that went from inception to sale to a listed company inside of 2 years. Although only meeting quarterly on business progress and metrics, Stuart said their focus was on what the metrics actually meant and how they could use them to take advantage of future opportunities.

Interactive Accounting - New Services Announement (Setup, Bookkeeping and Investment)

Lastly, as an experiment in online metrics Interactive Accounting launched an update of it's current site to promote our new services (Setup, Bookkeeping and Investment) and it's online quoting system. Check out our website to see what's new. We've seen a boost to our site and new business inquiries since the launch, what can you do to tweak your online presence to drive new business?



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The next meetup and it's topic is TBA/TBC as we go back to the drawing board to listen to the feedback and improve yet again. If you're keen to suggest any ides, please join the conversation on twitter #iameetup3


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