We don't wear suits!

Guy Pearson Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just another uniform 

Now as much as I love Barnie Stinson from "how i met your mother" and his suit montage, suits just don't sit well with me and I'm uncomfortable with compulsory dress codes enforcing the suit. 

Why do people wear suits? 

It's been a conformity based culture that assures people of a professional standing and there's nothing wrong with wearing one on occasion (like to meet the queen or for a fun night out), but, when it comes to business I tend to wonder what the difference is between a uniform at McDonald's, a School Uniform and a suit. 

To me a suit says, that I need you to think I'm a professional and I hope that my shortcomings in this presentation of content verbally, powerpoint or in a letter are overlooked because of my suit wearing ability. Now, this is not true in all cases, but, how many sales people are not in uniform?? 

Corporate Culture and Suits

Should you not be comfortable whilst you work? Should you not focus on what you're sending out to customers and clients, rather then how your suit looks and what hair gel you've applied? 

I guess thinking about old school value the analogy of "substance over form" comes to mind. I want clients and customers to buy my brand, buy my services, buy my product based on my knowledge and expertise. Not, because I drive a certain car, live in a certain area or dress a certain way. 

We want people to express who they are and be comfortable in their surroundings so as they do their best work and are happy in where they are. 

Proof in the pudding It was a hooded jumper wearing kid in the USA that has changed the entire landscape of where businesses are headed in real times. A brat, or not, he had a vision and has stuck to it. It wasn't a politician, a Billionaire, Bono or the pope. Before him it was a jeans and t-shirt wearing duo from Google, I mean, who uses the yellow pages anymore? 

I guess it comes down to one thing. Are you comfortable enough in your own skin for it not to matter? Do you know your shit? Are you keen to change the way the world is viewed and break from the notion of conformity? If you're not, there's nothing wrong with what you're doing, stick to it. If you are, sit down and think about what you're about and share this for ONE DAY… see what happens, it can't hurt. 

Practicing what we preach

From branded t-shirts for our team with rockstars on them, trucker caps, which are not compulsory…. We have a no suit policy and the ability to wear thongs and shorts to work, we do practice what we preach as with everything Interactive.

In my Interactive 'uniform' just after I shaved my head for 'The World's Greatest Shave' in support of the Leukaemia Foundation. Sponsorship is still open by the way so please donate

I like my suit

If you're like Barnie and enjoy your suit, then, wear it proudly, we don't discriminate. Just make sure you're enjoying what your presenting. As a parting word, we like people based on what they bring to the table, not, what they were wearing whilst they were on their way to the table…Clothes do not maketh the man.

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