Introducing Sandy Nicholas - Intermediate Accountant

Interactive Team Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A bit about me

Hi I’m Sandy and I recently joined the Sydney team. I am currently finishing up my Bachelor of Commerce in Professional Accounting at Macquarie University and working as an Intermediate Accountant.

Before Interactive, I began working as a Junior Accountant at a firm in Parramatta. Over the four years, I learned so much about the accounting industry and how to apply my technical knowledge in practice. Throughout that time, I gradually moved into the role of Intermediate Accountant. My focus was mostly compliance based, dealing with tax affairs for individuals, partnerships, trusts, companies and some superannuation funds, as well as minor audits and tax planning.

From the frustration of using PCs and MYOB, I was ready for a fresh start with an entirely new outlook on the accounting industry.

What are you passionate about?

Working with numbers has always been something I enjoy, but technology has also played a significant role. I appreciate new technology, whether it’s a device or software. Increasing efficiency by cutting unnecessary processing and admin is probably my favourite thing to do. The bottom line is; the more efficient the software, the more time I have to work with you and improve your business.

Fun fact: Before studying to become an accountant, I had always wanted to be an IT professional focusing on software design. I may also take this on after my CA, using the most up to date technology and great software is a priority for me.

What attracted you to Interactive Accounting?

To put it simply, the cloud was always the way to go. Not only from an efficiency perspective, but also the convenience of working anytime and anywhere. I have always been a Mac user and the fact that I can now use one at work is awesome! From researching the companies out in front on the Xero adviser charts, it really outlined which accounting firms were moving in the right direction, but IA was the one that caught my attention due to their innovative practice. Their internal culture promoted a relaxed working environment and a mobile office. Some of the highlights for me were a no suit policy (who wouldn’t want to come to work in jeans and converse?), Mac OS based, a friendly co-working space and of course, beer Friday’s.

My IA experience so far

During my first few months, the team in both Sydney and Melbourne have been so supportive and welcoming. Although across different states, we work as a team and chat everyday. I have already been exposed to a number of clients and worked with them to meet their compliance obligations. If one sentence were to summarise the past two months, it would be that the cloud has completely changed the way I do my job and I love it.

Being an accountant, there is always more to learn. I am keen to start my CA towards the end of this year and furthering my knowledge within the IA team. Most of all, I look forward to working with you!


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