Introducing Sean Minetti our new Business Services Manager in Melbourne

Interactive Team Tuesday, January 06, 2015

I’m a CPA with over fifteen years experience working with small businesses and their owners, managing their tax compliance and helping them achieve their business goals.

Starting in the year 2000 as a co-op recruit at Morrows CPA in Melbourne via RMIT’s College of Business, I received a solid grounding in the fundamentals of tax compliance.

In 2002 I accepted an opportunity with a growing practice in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne - The Field Group to join their compliance team.  During the four years I was with the practice, I managed my first portfolio of clients working with businesses from a range of industries including agriculture, medical, trade, and retail.  Most importantly I also completed my CPA studies whilst at The Field Group achieving very pleasing results.

After a period of overseas travel I took a role with CHN Herold Ross in early 2007 where I again managed a portfolio of clients and took on greater responsibility in the running of the practice.  This included sitting on the board of management and managing and enhancing the quality assurance program for the practice.  In early 2012 I spent six months in a manufacturing business as their accountant giving me a taste of the challenges facing small business at the coal face.  Realising that my passion was working with a range of small business clients I returned to CHN Herold Ross in May June 2012.

Being a conscientious person with great attention to detail and a keen eye for new technology, I was attracted to the work the team at Interactive Accounting were doing.  Now joining this innovative team I have the opportunity to embrace the two major accounting passions that have evolved for me over the last fifteen years.  

  1. Compliance Management

Australia’s tax and legislative framework can be extremely challenging for all business let alone smaller operators.  I love helping owners ensure they meet their compliance obligations in a cost effective manner so that they can carry on doing what they do best, running their business, with as little distraction as possible!

  1. Proactive Accounting

The traditional accountant client relationship has been a reactive one as information has rarely been readily available.  Technology now provides the opportunity to have a collaborative relationship with clients, helping them to make important decisions on the basis of accurate real time data that can make a real difference in the success of their business.   

The manner in which Interactive Accounting both embraces third party technology and also looks to develop inhouse solutions means the opportunity is there to join these two ideals like never before.

In my first month I was struck by the absolute dedication the team here has to getting the job done, something they are extremely good at.  More impressive though is the knowledge sharing, drive to improve the practice through innovation and the fun the team has whilst doing it!  

I am looking forward to meeting with and working closely with many more clients, continuing to share ideas, learning from, and teaching the great team here what I’ve learned in fifteen years in practice.  


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