How we help

We're proud to have helped move the following Charities to the cloud, reduce their overheads, streamline their processes and let these organisations focus on helping others.

Below are some of the charities we have lent a helping hand

Ovarian Cancer, Australia

Xero Setup + Advice

Ovarian Cancer came to Interactive Accounting to look for a system that would connect their web CRM and their accounting.

Interactive Accounting donated a full subscription for 12 months and setup fees pro bono a well as post setup support

Ovarian Cancer Australia is growing and doing a great job at raising awareness and supporting the cause for which it stands. You can find out more here

Fragile X, Australia

Xero Setup + Advice

Fragile X came to Interactive Accounting in order to produce faster accounts with greater transparency for it's independent board and to keep costs down.

Interactive Accounting provided setup and support upon the move to Xero and donated several months of additional support to the accounts team when key staff members changed.

Fragile X, based in Manly, Australia is raising awareness and trying to draw the lines between the source and resolution of this condition that is the most common cause of autism. You can find out more here

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