Meet the team

Lisa Callaghan, Virtual CFO

"I advise you"

Lisa a jack of all trades and industries, a holistic business advisor that not only can analyse the figures but will work with you to develop your business model, growth strategies, pricing, cash-flow and KPI's. Her approach is practical with no bullsh*t.

Focus : Live + CFO packages and Business Advisory

Gareth Bryant, Tax Specialist

"I structure it"

Gareth is our resident tax guru. With a passion for structure, tax effective planning, superannuation and the uncanny ability to take the complexity out of tax and convert jargon into simple, easy to read advice you can make smarter long term decisions to protect your wealth and minimise your tax to be paid.

Focus : Tax + Superannuation

Charlotte Dobbie, Intermediate Accountant

"I get it done"

With a passion for learning, Charlotte has joined Interactive to make sure the nuts and bolts of your compliance is well looked after. You will see Charlotte across all facets of your business and will no doubt be as impressed as we were, whether it’s tax, Xero, planning and strategy, Charlotte has the answers or the next steps.

Focus : Accounting & Tax, Xero and Support

Emily Phung, Practice Manager

"I organise it"

Emily brings her own brand of creative and pragmatic problem solving to maximise efficiency and manage the workflow within the day to day running of our business, making sure everything runs like clockwork. Her mandate is to continuously improve your experience with IA and help you with an queries. With an extensive background in customer service, a passion for technology and attention to detail you'll love dealing with Emily.

Graeme Clark, Intermediate Accountant

"I report it"

With a keen eye for the details, Graeme will translate your figures helping you to make better business decisions. No complex accounting jargon just usable language which you will not only understand but value his insights. He's the right-hand man to our Virtual CFO's and you.

Focus : Bookkeeping + Reporting

Guy Pearson, Founder

"I engineer it"

Guy is a firm believer in shaking up the accounting industry and practising what he preaches. Viewing that having a top notch team and scalable technology is the way to bring you closer to your clients and increase interaction and your businesses value proposition to end clients and customers.

Focus : Industry Solutions, Partners + Technology Advisory

Ryan Tietjens, Business Advisor

"I consult"

A strategic business advisor who specialises in tax, mergers & acquisitions, international compliance and start-ups. Ryan progressed through the ranks at KPMG, Hayes Knight and Deloitte before co-founding 5ways Chartered Accountants. Joining as a Director and Partner in 2013 he heads up our Melbourne Office.

Focus : Live and CFO packages and Business Advisory

Ian Walker, Intermediate Accountant

"I solve it"

A member of our compliance team, Ian is here to provide you with the answers to your accounting and tax questions and with the solutions that will grow your idea into something tangible and real. A cloud enthusiast and Xero advisor he can show you with the right advice + technology can make what might have seemed impossible possible.

Focus : Accounting & Tax and Xero

Sean Minetti, Business Services Manager

"I manage it"

With extensive experience in public practice Sean will help you manage your tax compliance obligations so that you can get back to focussing on what you do best, running your business! Having worked with small businesses in a variety of industries Sean has developed a range of advisory skills that he utilises in helping clients identify and work toward their goals.

Focus : Compliance and Business Advisory

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