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If you are starting an commerce business or already have one but is in need of an upgrade then we have put together the following 2 packages which include everything you'll need to run a successful web store without the hassle of manual integration between inventory and accounting systems....everything is integrated and can be managed easily with the push of a button!

Choose your engine

Shopify and Magento are two of the best eCommerce platforms on the market with both having a different set of features aimed at different clients. Both have their own inventory management partners and both integrate seamlessly into Xero. 


A hosted ecommerce solution ideal for small to medium ecommerce businesses. more

  • Cost: $26 - $160 per month
  • Ideal for small to medium sized eCommerce businesses
  • Designed for ease of use 
  • 100s of available fully customizable templates
  • Includes unlimited web and ecommerce hosting
  • Free customer support and onboard coaches
  • Full control over store design and functionality can be extended by using Apps or an API


A standalone & feature rich ecommerce platform aimed at larger web businesses. more

  • Cost: $14,420 - $49,990/yr
  • Ideal for medium to large eCommerce businesses
  • Totally customizable although will need a programmer on hand
  • 100s of available templates
  • Not hosted, standalone
  • No customer support although large community of users
  • 1,000s of plugins available

Inventory Management Software

At Interactive accounting we are all about best of breed products and we believe these two inventory software to be the best on the market with each one being developed to integrate into Shopify, Magento and Xero.



Vend is an easy to use but powerful inventory management software that integrates perfectly into Xero and Shopify.

  • Sync your Shopify products, prices and inventory with Vend
  • Shared inventory levels between Vend and Shopify.
  • Shopify is updated instantly to reflect any changes in Vend



Unleashed inventory software has been designed to manage your stock and integrate in real time with Magento and Xero. 

  • Calculate landed costs for receipted stock
  • Split receipt partial shipments
  • Assembly and Auto-assembly BOM's
  • Multi-warehouse and consignment stock
  • Purchase and sell in multiple currencies
  • Maintain accurate stock and margin records
  • Maintain different tax rates for stock and customers
  • Tax override option on transaction lines for flexibility
  • Email purchase and sales orders from Unleashed

Connect to Xero


Vend, Shopify and Xero connect together, coordinating both your offline and online sales, customer details and inventory items. Find out more about Xero

  • Automatically publish daily sales totals into Xero for reconciliation with your bank account
  • Apply custom invoice branding and send regular statement balances to customer accounts
  • Publish stock orders in as accounts payable invoices, to keep track of, and reconcile any outstanding purchases
  • Import existing Xero customers and suppliers into Vend
  • Sign sales and purchases to multiple Xero accounts, to track sales by category, or handle multiple tax rates.


The integration between Magento, Unleashed and Xero is seamless and the benefits to your business are enormous. Save time and duplication. No re-keying of information and accounting data! Find out more about Xero

  • Synchronize customer and supplier files with Xero
  • Synchronize invoices and products
  • Update stock on hand balances in real time
  • Real time revenue an cost of sales in Xero
  • Full audit trail reports
  • Run cost centre's in Xero
  • Integrate Xero tax information
  • Cross system data integrity with re-syncs

Connect your back end

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