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Connecting your business

At Interactive Accounting we are all about scalable and connected business systems to help grow your business.

We will enable you see the big picture and run your business from sale through to payment using cloud based systems centred around Xero. Here's how we put the puzzle together using our simple 3 step approach:

 1. Choose your Engine 

How do you create leads, manage workflow and task delivery to your clients or customers? This is the most important part of your business and it needs to be both powerful and connected. See solutions below.

eCommerce →

e-Commerce is growing at an extremely fast pace as small businesses and consumers increasingly purchase goods online. The online marketplace is fast becoming the largest source of sales, leads and conversions for many businesses. This industry or method of selling is on the tip of everyone's tongue.

At Interactive Accounting, we want you to consider the full set of connected systems for your website front end and not waste money on redundant duplication of data entry and mindless drones. Interested? Click through to learn more.

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Want to view your sales and day's trade information from in store, interstate or an island resort across your single or multiple shopfronts, this solution is for you. We can show you how to run your business and monitor it without a single piece of paper needing to be kept.

From this set up you can then move easily on to an e-Commerce platform if you want to sell online. Yes, we can make this happen.

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Job Dispatch →

If you want to spend more time quoting, allocating and measuring job performance on any job that has a geographical location. This mix is for you. We've put together a great application suite that allows you to quote, create voice notes, collect signatures, get paid, issue invoices and manage your accounting and reporting from your phone, iPad or laptop. Take the steel caps out of the printer and click here instead.

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Inventory Management →

Whether your business relies on keeping stock on hand or you manufacture products on site then you need an inventory management system. We have put together a solution that allows you to manage your inventory and integrate in real time with your accounting software giving you the visibility you need to run a successful business. 

You can also integrate a point of sale (POS) system allowing you to sell your stock with ease on site or in a retail store.

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2. Connect to Xero

Connect your engine to Xero to collaborate all the information into an easy to use and connected accounting system. 

Connecting to Xero

3. Connect your back end

How can we make Xero and your engine work harder for you and reduce labour costs? We've put together some great products to make this real. 

Back end solutions

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