Getting down to Business – Our 2020 Goals

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Our Managing Director Gareth Bryant shares his wisdom on setting new business goals for the New Year and outlines what we at Interactive Accounting are aiming to achieve in the next 12 months.

We’re almost at the end of January already.  How time flies… 

The Interactive team have been back at work for over a fortnight now and discussions are already beginning with our clients of how they are tracking on their goals and financial plans half way through the financial year.

Most people use the turn of the New Year and the holiday period that goes with it for reflection of what’s been accomplished in the past year, and what they’d like to do better or more effectively in the year to come.

At Interactive Accounting, we’re no different. Whilst I may not be as good with the New Year resolutions to eat better, exercise more and get more sleep, we have a habit of being a little bit more effective with our business goals (although we’re almost a month in, and I’ve stayed away from the chocolate biscuits!!)

What I find to be incredibly effective in driving engagement amongst our team is not only verbalising or writing down our goals as a business, but actively involving our team in striving to achieve these. 

We generally find that outlining some macro goals, along with more specific micro-level goals help engage everyone into our thought processes.

For example, some of our macro goals are:

  • To be the #1 accounting choice for startups and high growth businesses in Australia
  • To provide an A+ customer experience for every single one of our clients
  • To ensure our team have a consistently high level of engagement and career progression throughout their time with our company

Having just celebrated our 10th birthday, we feel we have a good base behind us, but there is a lot more work to do to achieve our goals. It’s going to be a big year and we’re excited to get going. 

The big question is, what are your goals for 2020, and how do you ensure you can hold yourself accountable for them?

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