Xero Roadmap – The Next 90 Days

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We have some exciting news for you! The cloud continues to revolutionise our economy and we cannot wait to tell you about it. Read on to discover the new features everyone is talking about.


Product Updates

For the Start-ups

Capital funding is a crucial factor of the start-up business cycle, an awfully time consuming stage at that. There tends to be an unnecessary back-and-forth between yourself, your accountant and the financial institution. If only your bank could access real time financial data and credit rating and approve your application on the spot. Welcome to The Financial Web.

Xero have brought accounting and financial services onto the one platform, making your life incredibly easier. Through partnerships with vendors such as Moula, OzForex, CGU and Veda, The Financial Web will streamline your ability access funding and embrace economic growth faster than ever before.

For our inner Auditor

Auditing is not usually the most popular topic on the block, Xero have done it again. Similar to our performance dashboard, we will soon have an insight into each business’ level of assurance. The Assurance Dashboard is a simple means to provide confidence in data within this beautiful software. Through a series of basic audit controls, each adviser can monitor and maintain a level of assurance and continuous certification. The features include a series of exception and anomaly reports, as well as a user summary dashboard.

Our personal favourite, wait for it.. Xero Tax Update!

Now as if Xero Tax wasn’t already one of the greatest releases, but here is one better. Who doesn’t love automation? That’s right, it’s another integration! Xero have announced a feature that will change your days. Xero financial statements will soon be imported into Xero Tax, mapped to appropriate categories and voila – a draft tax return. But that’s not all.

Some of you may already be familiar with electronic signing through eSign. An Adobe feature that uses digital signatures over the traditional print and scan method. In addition to this, a recent partnership with DropBox and Gmail will enable you to finalise a job all within Xero Tax.

These features will be integrated to allow you to send, save, lodge and sign within seconds! Awesome.

Note: The Gmail integration will also apply within Xero supplier and customer views, where you can attach any relevant conversations and documents.

Other product releases

  • Apple Watch App: to be released with iOS 9, the app will include features such as bank refresh notifications, current account balances and an overview.
  • Xero Me App: for payroll employees on the go, this app contains all your pay slips readily available, functionality to apply for leave, complete timesheets and update your personal details (Already released in Australia).
  • Debtor Auto Reminders: a feature to enable you to send out a friendly reminder to debtors within a selected overdue period.
  • Fixed Assets update: Asset types, pools and cost limits will soon be available. This will include both Tax and Accounting options.

For a further read, check out the Xero site here.